What to Wear Salsa Dancing

Experienced dancers know that there are certain outfits you can go dancing in and others which are trouble.

Short skirts can ride up and keep your focus elsewhere. Taking time to pull down on your skirt during such a fast paced dance can make it difficult to execute moves.

Wearing shorts, pants or a jumper allows you to dance worry free.

Long, flowy sleeves get in the way when your lead tries to reconnect with you on the shoulder blade. All that extra material could also easily get caught in a watch or bracelet.

Tops that are supposed to stay low and reveal your shoulders quickly end up around your neck once you lift your arms. This is true even if there is elastic along the top seam.

We hope this video helps provide some valuable examples of what to wear and what to avoid. All suggested options can be found on https://grandebella.com/

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