Dance Heel Hacks

How often should I buy new dance shoes?

I buy a pair every 6 months, so there is still substantial support under the ball of the foot. My favorite are Gfranco Sunset Style.

Air out and clean your shoes

We sweat in these shoes, so be sure to let them breathe out of the bag between uses (especially if stored in a plastic bag). I have been known to use medical grade disinfectant spray or shoe deodorizer to clean my shoes.

Hack to make sure they are sung

If you have a strap that wraps around the ankle, I would pull the strap out and wrap the strap around the foot a second time for an extra hug.

Buy a wire shoe brush

Buy a wire shoe brush to reinvigorate the bottom on your soles. Dancing on your soles will wear them down and so will stepping in sugary drinks on the dance floor. One affordable way to give them a second life is buying a shoe brush. Important Bonus Tips: Only brush over a trash can! Brushing your shoes can be a messy endeavor. YOU WILL lose some of the sole’s fibers. The rule of thumb with a shoe brush is to brush every stroke in one direction to limit how much of the suede you rip out.

Favorite Dance Heel


Favorite Dance Sneaker


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