All About Dance Shoes

Dance shoes don’t have to match your outfit

Lucky for you and me there is no real expectation that your dance shoes are going to match your outfit! The most popular shades are bronze/ nude and black and ladies typically pair those with everything when they go out dancing.

What to expect to spend

On my journey to finding the best shoes for me, I’d say the change in quality seems to happen at the $100 mark. You can find dance shoes for much cheaper, but in my experience those have worn out very quickly and have been shoddily made.

Many popular styles can be found at booths at festivals

Many popular brands can be found at booths at local dance festivals. The most established brands in the ballroom world tend to dominate the shelves at dance shoe stores and those may not be the ones you’re looking for. Special insider tip: Many festivals will allow you to visit the vendors even if you are not attending the event.

It’s common for performers to add crystals to their shoes

Performers are known for wanting anything and everything eye-catching on their outfits. Many performers buy shoes with rhinestones or add them to their favorite shoes. Buying rhinestones and gluing them on yourself is an option, but do know that it is a stinky and sticky process. I'd recommend wearing a mask if you are going to take on the creative process yourself.

I do suggest getting heel protectors

Buying this small add on for the bottom on your shoes will help preserve the heel and prevent you from injuring someone you step back on. A single pair should only run you about $4 and should be really snug when you or the salesperson put them on. If they don’t squeeze on, it’s likely they won’t do the job you want them to do. Make sure they are on tight.

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